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Piano Is Fun (Recommended)
Learn how to read piano music the easy way using this popular software that already is helping children and adult beginners around the world. 20 step-by-step lessons including practice games.

Rocket Piano
Learn how to play the piano. Step-by-step piano lessons supported by video and audio files. Try out their free 6-lesson E-course.

Hear and Play
Learn how to play by ear on piano or organ. Now also including jazz courses. If you sign up you can get 60 interactive online piano lessons for free.

Zebra Keys
Learn to play the piano for free.  Here you will find over 50 free piano lessons accompanied by animation and sound.  Zebra Keys also provides resources to help you learn piano such as the virtual piano keyboard, ear training tools, free sheet music and links to other piano-related websites.

Jazz Piano for Beginners (Recommended)
This book in PDF and MP3 format of totally seven chapters contains a wealth of information that will help anyone learn techniques of playing and studying jazz piano. Both complete beginners and more advanced pianists will benefit from this book.

Instant Piano Chord Finder
Find piano chords instantly. With the softare Instant Keyboard Chords Finder you can see all the keyboard chords both shown on a music staff and shown on a keyboard picture so that you easely can find them on your piano.

Mr Ron´s Piano
Piano lessons in rock, pop, blues, R&B,
cocktail and "smooth jazz"  piano.


















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